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Four Friday Links

– This month’s issue of the Atlantic asks some big questions. About termites. Do their tummies hold the key to new alternative energy sources? Can the desires of a stomach override those of a brain?? The mind boggles. Some pretty good campaign coverage in the issue too.

– I’ve been considering writing a bit about the new Walkmen album, You & Me, which I like an awful lot. It’s a huge step up from the lazy travelogue of A Hundred Miles Off, and a nice compromise of that album’s generous instrumentation and the band’s earlier intensity. This Pitchfork review may oversell the album a bit, but otherwise nails it.

– At the halfway point of this week’s New Yorker, George Packer writes an exhaustive, absorbing, informative, superlative article about Burma/Myanmar. (Anthony Lane’s take on the first week of the Olympics, meanwhile, is just as boring and unfunny as everything else I’ve read about the events in Beijing.)

– The New York Times reviews a Vivian Girls show! At a DIY venue in Brooklyn! And likes them a lot! I haven’t yet mentioned how great their album is. In due time.


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I beg to differ about Anthony Lane’s piece! I think it is pretty insightful and hilarious and am actually SHOCKED that you thought it was “unfunny”. Humph! Hey, want to check out the new Woody Allen soon?

Comment by Isa

I think I’ve been bummed out about all Olympics-related commentary since I read a NYT article about how there’s a crisis in American swimming because more people (NOT athletes) are drowning every year.
And yes!

Comment by ofmaine

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