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Alias and Sexy Books: Work Links

– Alias, storied Anticon producer and one of the nicer guys around, has a strong new album, Resurgam, out this week. I review it in this week’s Phoenix.

– I also wrote this fairly silly article about “five books to read (or pretend you’re reading)” to land your first college mate. It’s kind of dumb and snarky, but that’s sort of the point.

– I was also just thinking about how Michelle Obama looked pretty hot on Tuesday night at the DNC. Can’t find a picture, but that’s probably for the best. And, via Gawker, coverage of how the Convention is destroying MSNBC. (This makes it a significant bummer that their online video feed is just the convention proper and none of this bonkers commentary.)

– More big praise for the new Walkmen album. Still probably gonna write about that soon.

– And the latest in the Onion A.V. Club’s awesome “New Cult Canon” series – which is pretty loosely defined, because most of these films are movie buff movies and not much more – about Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom. (Do yourself a favor and read the piece on Showgirls. Hilarious.)


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Heh. It was fun talking to you about this. N was reading Moby Dick when we had that conversation…he totally wows me with his knowledge of whale anatomy and brain function.

Comment by Rachel

it’s all about Biden’s wife. yowza!

Comment by pervy mcgee


Comment by pervy mcgee

Yes, a sexy librarian to take down Obama. I wonder if she’s intended to seduce Joe Biden into getting an erection at their debate. That’s a photoshop, for those who didn’t know…

Comment by ofmaine

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