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Truffaut, White Denim, Palin, and Faulkner and Serena

Amazingly enough, I’m still pretty well hampered by allergies and deadlines this week (and warning, this trend may persist for a couple weeks). But after a slow start, it wound up being a good link day on the bookmarks.

– At the Village Voice, J. Hoberman discusses maybe my favorite French New Wave film, Francois Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player, wrapping up the discussion with this zinger:

Shoot the Piano Player not only reconfigured the Hitchcock slapstick romantic thriller but also popularized a number of the innovations—arcane references, shock editing, narrative asides—tossed off by Jean-Luc Godard in the original nouvelle vague neo-realist noir fairy tale, Breathless (a movie for which Truffaut supplied the premise). Unlike that of his onetime pal, however, Truffaut’s form of self-reflection is ultimately a way of playing the audience. The difference between his movie and Breathless is the difference between talent and genius.

– Shake Your Fist is about as down on the first single from White Denim’s forthcoming breakthrough, Workout Holiday, as anyone, but still thinks it’s a great song. I have never had as much fun cleaning my apartment as I have while listening to this album.

– I am still obsessed with all these Sarah Palin “revelations.”

– “William Faulkner Reviews Season One of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl as voice alone now to the Houses of Talk and passing periods as the Internet announces that it is now about to be the great catting time of the day

– And at Zoilus, Carl Wilson interviews David Berman of the Silver Jews, who is one hell of an interview subject. This is one of those chats I had to set aside for later, because he seems so cool I want to just soak it all in.


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