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Maine, Science,, Devin, and the Wrens
September 12, 2008, 10:06 am
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As usual, apologies for the lack of activity here this week. We’re facing unprecedented levels of non-bloggy projects at the moment. In the meantime, let’s catch up.

– It’s been an awfully boring week on the internet, politics aside (which we’re still trying to ignore for a while). Chad VanGaalen’s new album is out, but no one has reviewed it yet. You can listen to it here; you ought to buy it here. It’s solid from the first listen, but around #30 I’m convinced it’s Great.

– Over at Slate, the State by State excerpt week I mentioned earlier has been updated numerous times. This morning, Heidi Julavits, co-editor of the Believer, discusses Maine (where she’s at least a part-time resident).

– Stereogum’s put up a shallow-but-decent Premature Evaluation of the new TV on the Radio album, Dear Science,. It comes out on September 23. My favorite comment I’ve read about it so far is someone expressing relief that the band finally decided to make black music. This undersells the album a bit; I haven’t heard much of it, but it’s too bananas to wrap your head around quickly. Certainly their most impressive release; we’ll see if it’s their most satisfying.

– I was preparing to “DJ” Picnic, a music and DIY art festival in Portland on Friday, and stumbled across some old favorites I’ve been missing an awful lot. Devin Davis‘s album Lonely People of the World, Unite! is probably my favorite underdog geek-rock (in that it’s really geeky and really rocking, not whatever else that genre tag implies) record of the decade. Its pop culture references, a few years later, remain surprisingly potent. Even better, I was completely bowled over once again by a few tracks from the Wrens’s The Meadowlands, an impassioned and appropriately messy breakup/comeback album if there ever was one. Myspace has one great track; work your Google to find “Ex-Girl Collection,” the album’s cathartic pop peak.


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