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Fall movies, index cards, TV on the Radio

– It’s Fall Preview time of year, which is exciting for precisely one reason: with any luck, there will be good movies hitting theaters in the next few months. (Or six months, in Maine.) With that, The Onion A.V. Club has turned its film preview for the fall into an Oscar-O-Meter, which does a good job explaining what buzz there is or isn’t for upcoming movies. (Like the Oscars themselves, the Oscar-buzz rating has no bearing on the quality of the film.) Things to look forward to: Rachel Getting Married (starring Anne Hathaway, believe it or not) and The Road, The Road, The Road.

– Likewise, my favorite internet film critic, Mike D’Angelo, is at the New York Film Festival and has just seen one of his favorite films of the decade. Usually, this indicates a bold and disturbing movie that you may love but will be reluctant to share with your friends. Case in point: Afterschool, which sounds shocking and awesome.  He’s also put up a Films of the Decade page, which has a decent overlap with my own unwritten list.

– Regular NYT film critic A.O. Scott won my undying admiration for two books pieces he wrote on Sunday: a much better appreciation of DFW than the “Appreciation” they printed last week, and a review of Marilynne Robinson’s new book Home, her follow up to Gilead, which really, really makes me wish I wasn’t spending all of my free time working on this right now (as fulfilling and important as it is). One more week…

– More TV on the Radio reviews, from The Onion and Drowned in Sound (who, as they do almost every week, drop the M-bomb).

– Pitchfork reminds us why the Cold War Kids are popular, why they don’t deserve to be, and why you (I) shouldn’t get so worked up about it. They also review a Blaxploitation soundtrack for a film that was never made, which is damned interesting.

Indexed is a blog of graphs on index cards, pithily and elegantly summing up the news and random people’s attitudes.


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